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Address: yongkang city headquarters building and building golden center

Phone: + 86 579 89296187

Fax: + 86 597 89296160



(Ⅰ)The Core
1、Our vision: To build a advanced technology and diversity of modern enterprise group.
2、Our mission: Developing for " everybody " , to be excellence for " everybody", excellence.
3、Our spirit : Hard work, Innovation, Cooperation.
4、Our values: Dedication, Love, Responsibility,.
5、Our slogan: Breaking competition problems, Building brilliant Sengyik.

6、Our thought: The transformation and upgrading, Steady development, Multi-line operation, Professional management.
7、Our operator: Under the guide of demand to improve management quality.
8、Our mode of operation: Under the guidance of strategic control to multiple development.

9、Our talent concept: Have both of ability and political integrity, open employment rules.
10、Our financial concept: Pooling resources, Effective investment, The pursuit of 1+1 > 2.
11、Our training philosophy: Let the training to become the promotion team and transformation of booster.

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